Why I Went with DirecTV

I was online looking for Comcast Cable TV deals in Jacksonville Florida when I came across a website that had not only that information but info on DirecTV too. I had not even considered DirecTV mainly because I have always had cable. I had nothing against satellite TV though, so I decided to look at both sets of information to see which one would be able to give the programming that I wanted at a price that could not be beat. It did not take me long to see that DirecTV is definitely the winner, hands down!

I looked at both providers to see which one had all of the channels that I watch, and both of them did. The thing I looked at after that was how much each one would cost, and which one was willing to give me more perks to become their customer rather than the customer of their competitor. I really don’t see how any company can compete against DirecTV, even another satellite company, because of everything that they offer. Let me start with the prices. I was able to lock myself into an agreement for two years, and that means I am getting programming for nearly half off for the first year, and a significant decrease for the second year even though it is a bit more than the first year’s savings.

I was happier with the other perks though. I now get all of the premium movie channels for free for three months. Some of the best programming is on HBO, so I was psyched to get this. I also liked that when I do have to start paying for it myself, the price is low for the number of channels that i am going to get. Between the programming perks and the price, I made the best decision in going with DirecTV.

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