When You Have Few Options As a Consumer

I’ve been forced to downgrade iOS for my phone due to the lag that it was beginning to cause me. It’s absurd that I was forced into this decision by Apple. Sure, I love Apple and I really enjoy the products that I’ve bought from them but it’s becoming clear that with nearly every single iOS update their customers are forced to buy a new generation phone due to the hardware on older generation phones being unable to handle the demands of the current operating system. Apple seems to be the only software manufacturer which forces this issue on its customers.

To me, this appears to be a blatant grab for money. Instead of supporting the current generation of phones, including older generations, they send out updates which are clearly intended for new generations. Most companies don’t do this and perhaps they have a good reason for this; whether it’s for security or privacy reasons, they are never apologetic. I do not doubt that they have the staff to be able to support older generations to ensure that current operating system releases will be stable on multiple iPhone models. There’s no reason not to unless the goal is to force consumers to buy new models.

I like the current phone I have which is why I downgraded. I love having my phone as it is and the current iOS will do just fine until I need something better. Hopefully they don’t force me to jailbreak my own phone but if I have to, I’ll do it. It’s clearly not the optimal choice if I want to remain a loyal customer since this will invalidate the warranty of the device but when money is as tight as it is, there are few other options that are left open for consumers like myself.

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