What Really is the Ghost in the Machine?

As long as mankind has lived on this planet there have been people who have seriously questioned or tried to identify what it is about humans that make us different from the rest of the animals that live around us. What makes humans human. When people try to identify these things they are not concerned about the physical characteristics that differentiate us from other animals. They are talking about the consciousness and the feeling of being self-aware that it appears like only humans have. Mankind has taken great strides in improving the human condition. The people at for example have done amazing things in helping individuals who struggle with speech impediments speak clearly. The same thing can be said about doctors in every avenue of study. Yet the question still remains what it is inside of us as humans that makes us what we are.

The question at times takes a different slant as well. Is it possible for humans to re-create what it is that makes them special in non-organic objects. For example, is it possible that as computer technology continues to progress that computers will go from just being tools that respond to mankind’s commands to actually being sentient? At what point does technology go from being something that just response to its program to becoming something that can think for itself and that can dictate what it does on its own without human intervention?

Really this is what technology is pushing for. Every single day we see how technology is becoming smarter, faster, and more intuitive. Technology is being designed not only to answer the question, but to understand the reason behind the question. Technology is being made to be more user-friendly and in doing this to emulate some of the traits and qualities that humans have. How far can humans push things until the ghost in the machine idea becomes a reality?

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