We Need an Open Internet

With all this talk of Net Neutrality combined with my disgust for the ridiculous attitudes of the current cable companies, I have decided that I am done with them. I’m not going to allow myself to be treated like this anymore. Instead, I found which has helped me locate a provider for a satellite company. I’m just tired of feeling I’m being used and not listened to. I’ve been giving Comcast my money for years now but I don’t support their take on what the Internet should be or how it should be regulated. It’s also clear that most Americans currently do not support it so why don’t they listen?

Has this what it has come to between us the cable companies? They are so comfortable in their position to deliver us the content that we want that they currently feel it’s unnecessary for them to give us what we want as customers? We simply want to be treated like customers and not an amount of a bill every month. We are not the bottom line. We’re people who drive the business and the success of their companies. We are American consumers and we want our voices to be heard!

I’m hopeful that Tom Wheeler will make the right decision and re-classify the Internet as a utility. President Obama has been putting pressure on the FCC to do this which is a good sign but the fact that Tom Wheeler is in the pocket of the cable companies is disheartening to say the least. Who knows what is really going to happen. We’re at a crossroads for our culture which can take us down one of many paths but I feel that any path which preserves the freedom of the Internet and it’s open nature is the best one for all people.

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