Trying to Get the Best Sports Package for the Money

It really seems as though me and my cable company should have less than amicable parting of the ways at this point in time. Of course I could more amicable if they were not taking so much of my money along with them. I am looking for more information about my options at the moment, but it is for sure that I am not going to be giving them what they want for the services that they provide. I am not happy with the selection of channels to be honest about it, mostly I am looking for some more choice in what I am paying for. I do not really watch a fraction of the channels that they have and I do not get a lot of the channels that I want, most of all ones that show sports on my schedule. It is sort of wacky though, but in the main I am getting home about ten in the evening on most nights and so I am usually missing out on the good East Coast sports. I would just as soon not have to need things on the West Coast, but that is pretty much the way my schedule works out for me. I am getting home about the same time that the Lakers and Clippers games tip off for example. If the Bobcats are at home when I get off, then I would usually catch the end of the game or the post game show. We listen to those games on the radio unless they are blow outs, Muggsy calls the games on their radio network and in fact he is pretty entertaining. In particular it is funny how he is the opposite of those homer announcers, if you stink it up he will tell everyone that you did and loudly.

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