Thinking About Some Different Careers

I am thinking about what I want to do after I get out of high school. Of course I am not great at high school and the only reason I would want to go to college is because there are a lot of girls my age in college. That is a really great reason, but I figure that I can learn more and do better for myself if I pick out the right sort of career. I am thinking about for example being a line man for the power company. It is a good paying job where you need some of the skills that I am pretty good at. I know a bit about the field from helping out my uncle. He is sort of a rigger who works on farms, mostly he works on the systems that handle large numbers of cows in beef farms. It requires a good bit of electrical and mechanical aptitude and I have picked up enough of the skills to think that I would be able to learn the rest of that job.

Of course I am also thinking about whether or not I would like working in the oil field business. Of course the big problem with that is you spend a lot of your time out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico or some other place where there are no places to buy a cold beer or talk to a girl. It is not all bad if you have one of those jobs though. I know a guy who does that and he is working two weeks and then the next week he is off. Obviously that means you work 14 days straight and most nights you do not go into town for a beer, although some times you are closer to civilization.

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