The Stakes Are Rising High

When I found out that I was diagnosed with Herpes, I was left in a state of shock that felt like it lasted for weeks. I was stunned by the revelation that my partner had been cheating on me. Three months into our relationship we had decided to get tested together; both of us were clean. Now with each of us having Herpes, I didn’t have to say what was obvious. The look in her eyes was enough and the look in mine clearly stated how I felt. I started researching for a cure on but unfortunately I have found nothing.

There’s medication out there which I am currently using but it blows me away that no cure currently exists. Herpes is one of the most virulent diseases that human kind has the displeasure of being intimate with. And yet, despite the multiple routes of infection that it can pass through there is still currently no cure which can take on this jerk of a virus. Imagine how many lives that it has ruined. Imagine how many marriages have fallen apart because of this? Now imagine the sense of responsibility a person has to live with knowing that they are a carrier of Herpes?

That’s what really impacts me the most. I am now a carrier. I could be patient zero! If I don’t tell any future partners about my infection, I could cause them to become infected with the virus as well. That’s not something that I could live with – I don’t even want to take the chance. The very idea of sex right now absolutely terrifies me. I feel like I should just avoid it for the rest of my life! I could save myself a lot of trouble by never becoming intimate with another person.

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