Technotise: Edit and I

The Serbian animated feature length film “Technotise” follows the life of a psychology student named Edit, her friends, and her boyfriend in 2074 Belgrade, Serbia. When Edit cannot pass her exams after repeated attempts, she decides to temporarily install a memory-enhancing microchip, allowing her to retain everything she takes in. What she didn’t count on, however, was being shown the key to the meaning of the universe while that chip was inside her body.

Edit has just take a new job at a company called TDR, working with an autistic teenager named Abel. The parameters of the work are somewhat vague and mysterious. They simply want Edit to try and reach Abel; to make him come out of his trauma-induced autism and speak again. Edit later finds out that Abel has discovered an equation that unlocks the universe itself, and calculates every possible outcome of every event. It was written in the form of a graph that no one but Abel can understand. After being show this graph, the chip in Edit’s body takes on a life of it’s own, grafting to her nervous system and growing inside her as a separate living, yet technological, entity.

This new entity (manifesting itself to her as an older man she dubs Edi) gives Edit enhanced cognitive and physical capabilities, allowing her to kung-fu guards, run on walls, and even draw like Rembrandt with minimal effort. TDR discovers this new presence inside her, and recognizes it for what it truly is: the only computer in the world that can decipher Abel’s equation. Edit has to fight for her life against TDR’s thugs, and at the same time fight to hold on to who she is as Edi becomes more and more sentient. These futuristic themes and story serve to examine what defines humanity.

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