Technotise Brings Serbian Anime to the Forefront

Technotise is a Serbian animated feature film which was first released in the fall of 2009. The entire film is based on the sequel of Technotise Graphic novel. In addition, the plot takes place in the year 2074 in Belgrade.

The film is humorous and is based on a female college student who has failed the University exam at least six times. Therefore, the student decides she wants to pass the exam and visits a dealer on the black market for help.

The black market dealer ends up installing a stolen military chip within the students body. The sound chip records everything the students sees in order that she gains enough knowledge so she can pass the exam on the seventh try.

The sound chip is more than the female student bargained for. The chip ends up taking over the female students mind and body. In the meantime, the student tries to restore her reputation but must still deal with this sound chip essentially controlling her every move.

The female student is enjoying all of the knowledge she is able to absorb however, she dislikes the way the sound chip is taking over her entire personality and way of thinking. The student enjoys the knowledge she has obtained but hates how it has effected her overall personality.

Finally, the film is a combination of several types of animation. The film includes realistic drawings of many scenes which eventually inspired the movie Japanese Anime.

The film is quite comical and is definitely worth watching. The film combines comedy as well as the serious side of life.

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