Sharing a Place at the Beach

I was not sure this was going to work out at first, but so far it has not been a bad deal at all. This is how it works. There are about 8 guys involved in this and all of us work in oil field services. We are all making pretty awesome money so long as we keep our jobs, which is not for sure in the current climate. At any rate this place we share has five bedrooms and we split the cost of the Corpus Christi energy rates. Of course only about half of us are there are at any one time. We work a crazy schedule. All of us are single men and we work in a business where you spend two weeks working in some place out in the middle of nowhere and then you get a week off. Obviously you do not spend a lot of money in the middle of nowhere and when you get back you are ready to cut loose.

This place is pretty awesome for us. We can walk about ten minutes and we are at these bars. Of course if you are thinking about drinking that is really great. Most of all you can party on the beach. There are quite a few girls here and they know we have a lot of money to blow. That is what we do and there is not much point in trying to sugar coat it. We are having a lot of fun and that is the point obviously. I spend two weeks at a time out in the Gulf of Mexico working on an offshore oil platform. When I get some dry land under my feet I want to have a bit of fun and I want to spend the money I earned.

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