Remodeling House and Shutter Prices

I have wanted to remodel my house for quite awhile now, but I have not found myself in a situation, where I actually had enough money to do so. I keep trying to save up for it, but then something will happen, and I will have to spend the money that I have saved up, on that. Such as, a few months ago, I had my water heater explode on me, and I had to get a new one. It was a pain in the posterior. I want to put shutters on the windows of my house, as the first phase of remodeling.

I am thinking that I will remodel my house in stages, and I will do different things to the house, as I get enough money for it. That is opposed to saving up enough money to do everything at once, which is probably not feasible in my current situation. But I guess that I need to start somewhere, and the shutters seems like the most urgent thing on my list of things to do in the remodeling job.

I have already painted the interior of my house, and I did that on my own. I did that first, because it was easy, and I could do it on my own, without need for a contractor. There are a lot of things on my list, that will require a contractor to perform, and that is why they are going to be more expensive. I just hope that I can get all of this work done within the next year or so. I am going to start by looking for a contractor to do the job that is first on my list, and I need to figure out precisely what it is going to cost to get the job done.

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