On My Way to My First Divorce

I can not say that I know what to expect, but it is looking like we are going to be breaking up and so I am going to have to go sit down and talk to a good divorce lawyer for virginia. It is going to be a real mess for me and my partners if things really go bad, so I am going to have to try my best to reconcile with Rhea as much as seems possible. We have been together for around twenty years. We have one son, in fact he is a genius who works really hard. He is in Blacksburg right now, about to graduate from Virginia Tech. He never really went to high school to be honest.

We home schooled him and then sent him to a private school when he was 14 years olds When he was sixteen he headed off to college with a full scholarship. Now he is applying to grad school and his professors are fighting one another over him and the right to have him study with them as their research assistant or whatever they are going to call it. At any rate the boy seems to have been the thing that really held the marriage together in hindsight. So long as he was at home everything was fine and as soon as he went off to Virginia Tech things started to go down hill fast. Of course the big problem is that she is bored with me it seems, or that is what I gather from talking to her. I am guessing that I should have been paying better attention to what was going on between us when there was time to do something about it. Instead I was focused on making the business a big success instead.

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