My Parents Know Best About Healthy Food

While growing up, my parents were pretty health conscious. As I child, I was more interested in junk food. I did whatever I could at school to get my hands on the great tasting snacks in the snack machine we had there. My parents did most of their shopping at an organic food store that was just around the corner from our home. This meant that I ate poorly during the day while in school, and when I got home at night or on weekends, my mother made sure to have a healthy meal cooked and ready for us to eat.

Later, I went off to college and was on my own when it comes to making sure that I was fed all day. I ate in the cafeteria on campus. I went out with friends at night for dinner whenever possible. I was also busy with many hours of homework, and that also meant I had no choice but to grab some pre-made junk food at the convenience store that was located just off of campus. I passed it every day that I walked home, so it was easy to stock up on chips, dips, candy bars, sugary soft drinks and whatever else caught my eye.

After four years in college, I found that I had gained 55 pounds. I did not have a car, so I walked wherever I needed to. But all that walking did not keep me from gaining all that weight because of the large amounts of things I ate that were full of high fat ingredients. I was uncomfortable in all of my clothing, and I kept having to buy more new clothes so that I could keep up with the weight. I made a promise to myself then that I was going to get back to the way my family taught me to eat, which would keep me happier and healthier.

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