Late in the Game Getting My Business Established Online

I offer free educational courses online right now. One day I plan on writing a book to earn some revenue, but I have been building my social media presence and website credibility over time. I have sound information that is already in use by students I teach locally. Now that I am getting older and want to not be impeded commuting in the winter months, I decided to take most of my teaching online. I decided to go ahead and visit to help me get more quickly established using that social media giant.

It turns out that a lot of the demographic that would be interested in the book I am preparing to write are on Twitter. There are even specific hashtags that fit perfectly with what it is I will eventually be selling online. My old business model was to sell tickets to local classes and courses. Some classes were one-time events. Others were spread out over multiple weeks. Being considered an expert in my field, even teaching public access courses through a local community college was open to me. The thing is that I am not so good at getting out in the winter months around here now, and that is when most of the class opportunities are presenting themselves.

Going online is the logical step for me. I can do the same thing through multiple ways. Video conferencing looked good to me. Direct interaction with students through social media such as Twitter would give instant feedback and allow me to instantly answer questions. I could stick to the limited characters of a tweet or post links to longer responses. I think it is a great opportunity to take my expertise to a wider audience. Think about it. Being online has no geographical limits like I have now.

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