Just Got to Fort Bliss

I finally got back with the First Armored, although it has been a long time and half a world between hitches for me. When I first served in the division we were guarding the Fulda Gap in West Germany and at the time there was a bit of real concern about a shooting war with the USSR. Of course we could see the Soviet Union collapsing all around us, but we were worried that the instability could lead to war. I am looking at this place right now I am not going to live on base all of the time and Sheila is going to get a job working for a school pretty close to that apartment complex. She was not too unhappy t move here, because her folks are from the West Texas Hill country and we can jump in the truck and visit them in about an hour and twenty minutes. Of course her Dad is 74 years old and about as ornery as a longhorn steer.

Of course I was only 18 when I first served in the first, barely that in fact. I have quite nearly gotten my 25 in, but I was quite happy when I found out they needed a command master sergeant for the base logistics. I am going to be retired in about six months and we are getting ready to buy an RV. Of course we have already seen a lot of the world. We have been in Germany and South Korea especially. Then I was in Japan and Okinawa. For a little while I was at Fort Benning in Georgia, but that is the only place I was in the united states for very long periods of time. The last time I was in Texas we were at Ford Hood for a few months.

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