I Have a Problem with My Nails

I just noticed it the other day, that is that I have a problem with my nails. It is both of my thumb nails and one other fingernail, the middle finger on my right hand. At the base of the nail where the cuticle meets the finger my fingernail looks as though it has eroded away. If you look on the web they always talk about fungus, but that always seems to come with a lot of discoloration. The nails usually turn a nasty looking yellow. I have made an appointment with a private dermatologist in Manchester, a friend of my mother in law gave me the number. Of course I am mostly worried that it is a symptom of something much more serious and perhaps something which is internal. I have been trying to figure out what makes nails do this if it is not fungus, and I do not really think that it is, although I obvious might be wrong about that. When you look at what your nails are made of, that turns out to be Keratin and there are a lot of supplements which contain that, most of them are supposed to help you have stronger hair. You take most of them if you have hair that is brittle. However there are a lot of search results that give you pause when you think about that. If you look further in to the topic then you learn that you need a protein called biotin to make your nails stronger. You can get that from eating eggs and a lot of other foods. Of course I already eat a lot of those things pretty much like they want you to do. So I do not have a clue as to how to fix this problem with my nails.

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