I Guess That People Call Boats Skips Too

At least that is one of the words that people in England use differently than we do in the USA. The other day I down by the coast with this girl I have been trying to get to know. We came to this sign that said Wolverhampton Skips. I was tempted to make a joke, but I realized it would just make me look foolish. So instead I asked her if a skip was a boat, because it was sort of obvious that the place was renting little boats. We would call them dinghies here in the states I guess. It is one of hundreds of words that we do not recognize in the version of English that they use over here. Of course it is not a huge issue so long as you are intelligent enough to grasp concepts. After all there are tens of thousands of words that do have the same meaning. You just have to figure it out and of course being able to read the language means that you can easily do this if you make much of an effort.

Of course a lot of this is slang, which is different any place that you go. If you went to New York you could probably find hundreds of slang words that are only used in specific areas of the city. Of course NYC has people from all over the world and all of them contribute some bit of their native language here and there to the way that people communicate there. It is pretty much the same in London, which has a lot of people who emigrate here from other parts of the world. A lot of the language can be very crude and offensive too, but that should not be a big surprise to any one.

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