From Followers to Recording Contract

No on ever thinks that they would need to buy Soundcloud followers, but when they see how well it works, they don’t ever doubt it. When I first joined Soundcloud, I was a beginner musician who wanted to upload my songs to as many people as possible in the hopes that they would hear it and offer me some kind of recording contract. I figured that if it worked for people on other music sharing sites, it would work on Soundcloud. There was one thing I didn’t take into account, and that was the fact that other people were already on Soundcloud, and competing with them would not be easy.

Soundcloud has many active users who either listen to music or upload music. I want the people who listen to be on my side when I fight against those who upload their own songs. The more followers I have, the more people will begin to notice my work, making me one step closer to getting a contract. I wanted to have an edge over the other users, so I bought some followers and let everything work itself out.

The followers I gained caused more people to listen to my music and eventually the big day came. A record producer was interested in my work and wanted me to perform a live demo for him and some other people at his record company. I agreed and flew down to their head office to perform the demo. They were pleased by it and wanted me to sign with their record label. I looked over the terms of their contract and signed it. I recently released my first album and I’m planning to go on tour at the beginning of next year. Sometimes it pays to pay for something else that may help you later.

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