Fighting Takedown Notices and YouTube

You might have heard of the absurdity that went down with YouTube when they decided to automate the way that they handle takedown notices and complaints; a lot of successful gamers who stream themselves playing games or offer tips and hints on how to complete some games found their videos suddenly being wrangled in the site wide ‘drag net’, as it were. I was included in this – hours of work had suddenly gone down the drain because of some collective decided I couldn’t broadcast a game with their music in. Now I buy twitch viewers in hopes to pick up where I’ve left off and I hate it.

I don’t hate Twitch. I don’t hate the fact that I have to buy viewers to help increase exposure all over again. What I do hate is the fact that YouTube has forced me into this situation when I was easily making four figures a month from doing something that I love more than anything else. YouTube was careless; they didn’t even bother reaching out to the users who bring them so much content and so many ad views. Instead they just let the program run without any forewarning with the results of thousands of videos being taken down.

Even those in the industry who worked hard to help design the games, to create the games themselves, were on our side. If it hadn’t been for Twitch to help us pick up the pieces again and even offer us a new platform has so far proven to be far more superior than what YouTube could ever hope to offer us, I don’t know what I would be doing with myself. I know that I would probably be a lot more broke than I am now but at least I have something like hope!

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