Evidence to Prove She Was Bullied

I make sure that my daughter keeps all of her teen chats as there are a lot of kids that say mean things about each other and if my daughter was ever brought into a bullying situation that they would want to make sure that we had the prove that they would need to see that she was not doing anything wrong. One of her best friends was given a two day in school suspension because they were able to see that she told a girl that she did not like her because she picked on everyone else in school and that she demanded attention all of the time. I saw that this was going on and thought that it was not too great. I told my daughter that she should save every single thing that she writes and even take a screen shot of it so that she had proof at the time that it was written.

The girl that had the in school suspension did not keep any of the screen shots that her daughter wrote and there were other kids that also wrote things and it was interesting to see that she had to go and look at the shots that they did have and the girl that said that she was being bullied online had edited the comments and it made it look like all of the comments were made by my daughter’s things. I wanted to make sure that I could go and make some time with my daughter to talk to her about the bullying, I knew that it was going to be good and I could not wait to go and see what she was going to say. She was an amazing person to talk to and she understood what she had to do.

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