A Lovely Change of Pace

After moving to North Bend, Ohio from Louisville, KY, I was surprised by the transition in both the differences in my new community and how awful the digital cable services are here. As someone who has spent a good amount of time in Cincinnati when I was living in Louisville, I honestly thought that the rest of Ohio would be much the same but man, I was wrong completely! They are a totally different kind of people here with more of a conservative outlook than I had expected. I also had to check out since they didn’t have the services that I wanted (anything other than Comcast and Time Warner), so I went with Direct TV instead. Don’t get me wrong here, I have nothing at all against DirecTV and actually admire their capable to reach consumers no matter where they might live but they have not been my traditional first choice for television and Internet services.

In reality, this is my first time choosing them over the competition. With my frustration toward Comcast and Time Warner growing to all new levels, it’s easy to see why I’d finally give in and see what DirecTV had to offer me. In all honesty, when I made that call to talk to one their representatives, I was on guard. After years of customer experience abuse through Time Warner, I expected the absolute worst. Instead I found myself speaking with a polite and friendly woman on the other end of the phone who was more helpful than any other individual that I had spoken with during my entire time as a customer of Time Warner. As my first month of service approaches, I can safely report that things have been nothing but harmonious and, well, easy. It’s a nice change of pace.

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