Just Got to Fort Bliss

January 15th, 2014

I finally got back with the First Armored, although it has been a long time and half a world between hitches for me. When I first served in the division we were guarding the Fulda Gap in West Germany and at the time there was a bit of real concern about a shooting war with the USSR. Of course we could see the Soviet Union collapsing all around us, but we were worried that the instability could lead to war. I am looking at this place right now I am not going to live on base all of the time and Sheila is going to get a job working for a school pretty close to that apartment complex. She was not too unhappy t move here, because her folks are from the West Texas Hill country and we can jump in the truck and visit them in about an hour and twenty minutes. Of course her Dad is 74 years old and about as ornery as a longhorn steer.

Of course I was only 18 when I first served in the first, barely that in fact. I have quite nearly gotten my 25 in, but I was quite happy when I found out they needed a command master sergeant for the base logistics. I am going to be retired in about six months and we are getting ready to buy an RV. Of course we have already seen a lot of the world. We have been in Germany and South Korea especially. Then I was in Japan and Okinawa. For a little while I was at Fort Benning in Georgia, but that is the only place I was in the united states for very long periods of time. The last time I was in Texas we were at Ford Hood for a few months.

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My Hot Water Heater Stopped Working

June 3rd, 2015

If someone needs a cake made for a party, I always volunteer. When someone needs a babysitter, my friends all know they can depend on me. I can handle just about anything, even a flat tire on a car. When it comes to plumbing issues though, I have learned my lesson. I once tried to fix a plumbing problem with the toilet, and I ended up spending a lot more money than I would have if I had just called the professionals in the first place. That is why I wanted to find plumbers in Bristol when my hot water just stopped working.

I knew that it was something to do with my hot water tank, but I was clueless beyond that. Continue Reading…

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I Am in Great Shape Now

January 28th, 2015

I knew that I was going to have an uphill climb when I decided to get in better shape. I used to go to the gym at least three or four times a week, but that was years ago. Since then, the most exercise I have gotten is walking to the fridge and back to the couch. That might be a bit of an understatement, but you get the point. I was not active very much at all, but that did not stop me from the desire to change. I started taking Somatodrol supplements even before I hit the gym, because I knew that it was going to help me in ways that hard effort could not do alone at that stage.

I was just too out of shape, and I knew that I needed the energy that these supplements would give me. Continue Reading…

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Garcinia Cambogia Helped Me with Weight Loss

January 24th, 2015

I know people used to look at me and wonder how I let myself get so out of shape. The sad thing about that is I was not horribly overweight. I did have about 20 pounds to lose, but I come from a family of athletes, so it might as well have been 50 pounds in their eyes. I just was not athletic, and I used to drown out my frustrations with junk food. It was a horrible cycle, but I was finally able to break it thanks to a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia.

I had heard about this supplement before, but I didn’t take an interest in it because I thought that it was for people like my family members who were already in shape. They take so many supplements, so it was just natural to think that this was another one. Continue Reading…

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I Guess That People Call Boats Skips Too

January 9th, 2015

At least that is one of the words that people in England use differently than we do in the USA. The other day I down by the coast with this girl I have been trying to get to know. We came to this sign that said Wolverhampton Skips. I was tempted to make a joke, but I realized it would just make me look foolish. So instead I asked her if a skip was a boat, because it was sort of obvious that the place was renting little boats. We would call them dinghies here in the states I guess. It is one of hundreds of words that we do not recognize in the version of English that they use over here. Of course it is not a huge issue so long as you are intelligent enough to grasp concepts. Continue Reading…

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Getting the Best Limos for the Best Price

December 27th, 2014

There are very few things that can really compare to riding in a limousine, even if ultimately the cars are not actually that big of a deal. Sure the cars are expensive and well maintained, but ultimately riding in a car is something that most people do every single day. The difference is that with the right limousine service, every detail of the trip will be made perfect and smooth. This experience is what sets it all apart, as the comparison of a car ride to having a professional chauffer is very different. This limousine service in Bergen County NJ knows all about that feeling though, as they have perfected the art of impressing people and making customers feel special.

The bottom line is that this exact environment is what almost any limousine rental is all about, whether the client is hiring the company for a special wedding day or a typical business meeting. The goal is always to impress and in order to do that, every little detail has to be absolutely perfect or the overall feeling will be lost. This means that hiring true professionals that know the value of being timely and attention to detail. This means the interior must be spotless, the car must run perfectly, and the worker be friendly.

Some companies simply cannot deliver upon this, as they try to take shortcuts in order to save money by cutting down on costs. Reputable companies are above practices like this though, as they understand that perfect service will be the reason that customers continue to come back. These businesses thrive on repeat customers that continue to generate profit rather than cashing in quick, which is why they are perfect for important days instead of simply luring in customers that simply do not know any better.

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When You Have Few Options As a Consumer

December 27th, 2014

I’ve been forced to downgrade iOS for my phone due to the lag that it was beginning to cause me. It’s absurd that I was forced into this decision by Apple. Sure, I love Apple and I really enjoy the products that I’ve bought from them but it’s becoming clear that with nearly every single iOS update their customers are forced to buy a new generation phone due to the hardware on older generation phones being unable to handle the demands of the current operating system. Apple seems to be the only software manufacturer which forces this issue on its customers.

To me, this appears to be a blatant grab for money. Continue Reading…

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Late in the Game Getting My Business Established Online

December 27th, 2014

I offer free educational courses online right now. One day I plan on writing a book to earn some revenue, but I have been building my social media presence and website credibility over time. I have sound information that is already in use by students I teach locally. Now that I am getting older and want to not be impeded commuting in the winter months, I decided to take most of my teaching online. I decided to go ahead and visit to help me get more quickly established using that social media giant.

It turns out that a lot of the demographic that would be interested in the book I am preparing to write are on Twitter. There are even specific hashtags that fit perfectly with what it is I will eventually be selling online. Continue Reading…

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Thinking About Some Different Careers

December 16th, 2014

I am thinking about what I want to do after I get out of high school. Of course I am not great at high school and the only reason I would want to go to college is because there are a lot of girls my age in college. That is a really great reason, but I figure that I can learn more and do better for myself if I pick out the right sort of career. I am thinking about for example being a line man for the power company. It is a good paying job where you need some of the skills that I am pretty good at. Continue Reading…

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From Followers to Recording Contract

November 26th, 2014

No on ever thinks that they would need to buy Soundcloud followers, but when they see how well it works, they don’t ever doubt it. When I first joined Soundcloud, I was a beginner musician who wanted to upload my songs to as many people as possible in the hopes that they would hear it and offer me some kind of recording contract. I figured that if it worked for people on other music sharing sites, it would work on Soundcloud. There was one thing I didn’t take into account, and that was the fact that other people were already on Soundcloud, and competing with them would not be easy.

Soundcloud has many active users who either listen to music or upload music. Continue Reading…

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A Great App for Social Users

November 26th, 2014

People who have fallen behind on the latest social trends may not even know what the word emoji means, but it is quickly becoming adapted by users everywhere. The easiest way to describe them would be small icons, which started out as smiley faces, but quickly grew to become much more. Now these little icons can be used to describe everything from feelings to random objects like coffee or pizza. People love to find new icons to use with their friends, but sometimes it can be hard to stay unique. Using this special emoji app, every secret emoji that is available on a phone can be found with minimal effort.

This can make you a popular source of new items from friends all over, as it is possible to find icons that nobody else even knew existed. Continue Reading…

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A Lovely Change of Pace

November 26th, 2014

After moving to North Bend, Ohio from Louisville, KY, I was surprised by the transition in both the differences in my new community and how awful the digital cable services are here. As someone who has spent a good amount of time in Cincinnati when I was living in Louisville, I honestly thought that the rest of Ohio would be much the same but man, I was wrong completely! They are a totally different kind of people here with more of a conservative outlook than I had expected. I also had to check out since they didn’t have the services that I wanted (anything other than Comcast and Time Warner), so I went with Direct TV instead. Don’t get me wrong here, I have nothing at all against DirecTV and actually admire their capable to reach consumers no matter where they might live but they have not been my traditional first choice for television and Internet services. Continue Reading…

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Trying to Get the Best Sports Package for the Money

November 24th, 2014

It really seems as though me and my cable company should have less than amicable parting of the ways at this point in time. Of course I could more amicable if they were not taking so much of my money along with them. I am looking for more information about my options at the moment, but it is for sure that I am not going to be giving them what they want for the services that they provide. I am not happy with the selection of channels to be honest about it, mostly I am looking for some more choice in what I am paying for. I do not really watch a fraction of the channels that they have and I do not get a lot of the channels that I want, most of all ones that show sports on my schedule. Continue Reading…

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We Need an Open Internet

November 17th, 2014

Satellite TV forAutomobilesWith all this talk of Net Neutrality combined with my disgust for the ridiculous attitudes of the current cable companies, I have decided that I am done with them. I’m not going to allow myself to be treated like this anymore. Instead, I found which has helped me locate a provider for a satellite company. I’m just tired of feeling I’m being used and not listened to. I’ve been giving Comcast my money for years now but I don’t support their take on what the Internet should be or how it should be regulated. It’s also clear that most Americans currently do not support it so why don’t they listen?

Has this what it has come to between us the cable companies? They are so comfortable in their position to deliver us the content that we want that they currently feel it’s unnecessary for them to give us what we want as customers? We simply want to be treated like customers and not an amount of a bill every month. We are not the bottom line. Continue Reading…

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Prepare for the Worst with Proper Protection

October 25th, 2014

A lot of people take security systems for granted, but all it takes is one incident to change that mindset forever. Whether the emergency includes a robbery or something like a fire, the proper system can literally be a lifesaving tool for you and your loved ones. The right system and support staff will have enough experience to handle almost any situation with a delicate touch, ensuring that the level of service and protection you receive is truly second to none. Of course, this means that not every security company is the same, and adt home monitoring is a standout in the market.

Quite simply if you are going to trust someone to protect you, it has to be the best. That does not mean budgets go out the window though, thankfully ADT also has extremely reasonable pricing plans. Continue Reading…

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Remodeling House and Shutter Prices

August 24th, 2014

I have wanted to remodel my house for quite awhile now, but I have not found myself in a situation, where I actually had enough money to do so. I keep trying to save up for it, but then something will happen, and I will have to spend the money that I have saved up, on that. Such as, a few months ago, I had my water heater explode on me, and I had to get a new one. It was a pain in the posterior. I want to put shutters on the windows of my house, as the first phase of remodeling.

I am thinking that I will remodel my house in stages, and I will do different things to the house, as I get enough money for it. That is opposed to saving up enough money to do everything at once, which is probably not feasible in my current situation. Continue Reading…

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Best Deals for Home Insurance

August 23rd, 2014

I am really considering buying a new house, but I do not know how much it is going to cost me. I have looked at some houses and I have found a few that I really like. It is only a matter of time until I find the house that is just right for me. I would like to go ahead and decide on an insurance policy go with, before I make the decision on a house to buy. I went to to start to find deals on home insurance.

I do not know about home insurance right now, or what it is supposed to cover. Continue Reading…

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The Stakes Are Rising High

July 18th, 2014

When I found out that I was diagnosed with Herpes, I was left in a state of shock that felt like it lasted for weeks. I was stunned by the revelation that my partner had been cheating on me. Three months into our relationship we had decided to get tested together; both of us were clean. Now with each of us having Herpes, I didn’t have to say what was obvious. The look in her eyes was enough and the look in mine clearly stated how I felt. I started researching for a cure on but unfortunately I have found nothing.

There’s medication out there which I am currently using but it blows me away that no cure currently exists. Continue Reading…

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I Needed a Bankruptcy Lawyer Immediately

January 26th, 2014

All posts by this author ยปI made some bad decisions with my business and suddenly found myself in some hot water financially. I needed to call a new york bankruptcy attorney, and I needed to do it as soon as possible. I made some particularly bad investments and over time my business became less and less profitable. It has gotten to the point that I need to file for bankruptcy but I’m scared. I have never experienced anything like this before and I just want to make sure that I go about it the right way. That’s why I need to get in contact with a bankruptcy attorney.

I started flipping through the phone book to get an idea of the different attorneys that were listed in it. I called a few to find out more information about them so that I could be able to judge whether or not they would be a good match for me. I finally settled on one who sounded very personable and very professional. We met for coffee and went over my situation.

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Timber Floor Sanding Companies in Brisbane

January 19th, 2014

... flooring wood flooring floating floor laminates hardwood timber floorI just recently bought a property that I intend to flip, and what I noticed upon inspecting the interior, is that it has a nice timber floor inside. It does not look like it is in very good condition right now, but the timber floor will definitely add value to the house, once it is fixed up. I don’t think it should be too difficult to restore this floor. But I am going to need to look for companies that offer timber floor sanding in brisbane. I want to get this taken care of quickly, as it is just one of a number of projects when it comes to fixing up this house.

It is one of the few projects that I am going to use a contractor for, so I want to go ahead and pay for it, so that I can figure out how much it is going to cost me. I have a budget for flipping this house, and it is based on how much I think I can get out of the house. As such, I won’t know what all I will be able to do to the house, to fix it up, until after I get services, such as this one, paid for.

I really think that the floors will look nice once they are finished. Of course, having them sanded is just the first step in the process of restoring them. They will still need to be finished with products to keep them in a good condition. I am going to have to consult someone about what products I should use on the floor, after it has been sanded. That is a project that I have never attempted before, but it is something that I am looking forward to learning about in a fair amount of detail.

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Evidence to Prove She Was Bullied

January 17th, 2014

I make sure that my daughter keeps all of her teen chats as there are a lot of kids that say mean things about each other and if my daughter was ever brought into a bullying situation that they would want to make sure that we had the prove that they would need to see that she was not doing anything wrong. One of her best friends was given a two day in school suspension because they were able to see that she told a girl that she did not like her because she picked on everyone else in school and that she demanded attention all of the time. I saw that this was going on and thought that it was not too great. I told my daughter that she should save every single thing that she writes and even take a screen shot of it so that she had proof at the time that it was written.

The girl that had the in school suspension did not keep any of the screen shots that her daughter wrote and there were other kids that also wrote things and it was interesting to see that she had to go and look at the shots that they did have and the girl that said that she was being bullied online had edited the comments and it made it look like all of the comments were made by my daughter’s things. I wanted to make sure that I could go and make some time with my daughter to talk to her about the bullying, I knew that it was going to be good and I could not wait to go and see what she was going to say. She was an amazing person to talk to and she understood what she had to do.

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